just another sleepless night

It is 2:15am and i’m thinking about everything. The worst thing is I don’t know what that everything is. I just know it’s everything.

I keep forcing myself to sleep at night. Keeping my eyes shut for several hours. Clearing my mind. But the more i empty my mind, the more thoughts keep flowing in. I tried thinking about nothing and end up thinking about everything.

I end up imagining this scenario right now – leaving these thoughts here. I imagined typing this words with my eyes shut. I just hate how time-consuming the process is. I did this whole thing in my mind and keep persuading myself  not to, because it’s fricking 2:15 am and I need to sleep for my exams and school works. And yes, of course, I realized it’s impossible for me to sleep without doing this. So I did it anyway and doubled the time I consumed just to do it. And that sucks.



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